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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
8,234 Graduates


Discover what Artificial intelligence is, and how AI is being implemented in both industry and research.

Diploma in React JS
1,126 Graduates


Master React JS and become a competitive web developer with all the theoretical and practical skills you need in the web development world.

Online Coding & Technology Course for Beginners
1,126 Graduates


Learn the basics of front-end web development online, using coding techniques and explore innovative technologies of the 21st century and their implications in industry.

Computer Science
1,126 Graduates


Learn how to control computers in various ways and become well-equipped with the fundamentals of computer programming.

Professional Diploma In Python Programming (PP)
1,126 Graduates


This course will take you from a beginner Python programmer to intermediate and advanced Python programmer.

Web Design: HTML, CSS, JS & Bootstrap Fundamentals
895 Graduates


Master real-world coding and learn how to build amazing websites as a certified web developer.

Game Development
5,689 Graduates


Discover the difference between a game designer and a game developer, and learn how to create your own game from scratch.

Database Development
8,745 Graduates


Learn the fundamentals of database development and gain practical skills in SQL and various database platforms.

Mobile App Development
207,450 Graduates


Become a mobile app developer and gain proficiency in all aspects of mobile applications from design to building and publishing apps for iOS and Android.

Scratch Coding For Kids
29,636 Graduates


Develop your kid's problem-solving abilities and set them up for future success with fundamental coding skills.

191,276 Graduates


Develop your IT knowledge and gain cybersecurity skills required to protect and defend IT systems in the digital age.

Sound Engineering
2,000 Graduates


From podcasts and radio shows to full music albums and feature films, learn the necessary skills to sculpt your sound to perfection.